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We are the global standard which aspiring governance professionals aim to reach.

We assist in the development of skills, knowledge and experience through our institute’s professional qualifying and training programmes. Put simply, we award Chartered status - the hallmark of quality.

The Chartered Governance Institute raises the bar, sets the standard of the profession globally and defines the future of good governance.

The world looks to us for our views, current thinking and how governance will be shaped in the future. We will always support. Always give our voice. Always move forward with new and innovative ways.

We are the only organisation that can facilitate the international movement of governance professionals and their ideas, ensuring member portability.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the shining beacon in governance. We will be the best explainers, the best advocates, the best educators and the most active organisation in the promotion of good governance internationally.

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Global Reach

We’re truly global with nine local institutes in our international network, supporting over 29,000 members living and working in over 80 countries. Collectively, The Chartered Governance Institute is the only international organisation that can offer a qualification that empowers a person with skills that transcend borders.

All our members qualify under an internationally recognised and portable qualifying programme. Our members are entitled to use the post-nominals of either FCG, ACG or CG(Affiliated). Our membership is fully transferable between countries and local institutes depending on where the member is based.

Each of our nine local institutes has its own governing committee, staff and offices, allowing our members to simultaneously be supported locally and be a member of the global institute.

When a country doesn’t have enough members to support a localised institutional structure, membership is automatically registered to United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Associated Territories Institute.

Global Reach
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