Governance North Conference

More than ever before, the work of governance professionals is taking place against a backdrop of fast change, innovation and insecurity. Not only do they have to deal with the challenges and tensions that come from operating in the boardroom, they also increasingly face some very significant, and often unexpected challenges.

Increasingly, boards are having to get to grips with issues that lie beyond traditional regulation and compliance – issues such as cyber security and data breach, modern slavery and supply chains, environmental and social governance, and the changing demands and expectations of customers and employees alike. These are very high-profile, complex issues and addressing them requires some cutting-edge thinking – boards cannot simply ignore them.

Join us at Governance North, a one-day conference in Leeds to discuss how organisations can create a sustainable future and ensure that their governance is fit for the 21st century.

Organisational purpose, effective board evaluation, the evolution of Co-Secs and Changemakers, employee engagement, cybersecurity, boardroom dynamics, cognitive diversity, crisis management: The Solution Room

• Learn why strong purpose is important to increase the success of an organisation
• Discover how to build and nurture cognitive diversity/creativity within the workplace
• Understand how to identify weaknesses within your board before crisis hits.

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