Governance Institute virtual National Conference 2020

Our National Conference 2020 gives you unparalleled access to:

  • the global leaders in governance and risk management
  • a new breadth of insights
  • a packed two-day program — beamed to you live and on-demand
  • a new interactive platform to network and engage. 

2020 is an extraordinary year in which geopolitics, a pandemic, social unrest and impending economic recession have become a perfect storm. As a director or senior manager, you must now lead your organisation into recovery in this volatile global ecosystem. You need to navigate this continuing uncertainty with clarity, vision, impeccable governance and innovative short and long-term strategy – and we have lined up a star cast of expert speakers to assist.

The two-day program is rich with national and global perspectives on how you as a business leader must:

  • Strike a delicate balance between short and long-term tactics, risk, opportunity and innovation, stability and agility, known and unknown, internal and external uncertainty.    
  • Build trust and authenticity to drive intelligent, adaptive and forward-thinking strategy that engages the interest of all stakeholders 
  • Lead planning that is intuitive, imaginative and innovative to best prepare for a sustainable and value-rich tomorrow.

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