Governance Guernsey Conference

For organisations in Guernsey, governance is not a static thing. It continues to evolve and throw up new challenges – whether they be in compliance and regulation, in the deployment of new technologies, in crisis management, or in demonstrating greater transparency around social and environmental impact. For stakeholders, good governance is an essential part of business success and debates continue to rage as to how organisations can build effective, high-performing boards that can deal with these and other issues.

In this year’s conference, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss and explore the ins and outs of this new governance landscape. We look at whether organisations have underestimated the challenges ahead, and reflect upon how they can improve what they do in response to this constantly changing world.

Guernsey’s added value, The Perfect Board, profit & purpose, AI in financial services, corporate failure risks, Future compliance, crisis management, networking.

• Discover what the ideal board looks like and how your organisation can attain it.
• Learn why strong purpose is important to increase the success of an organisation
• Understand the potential risks and rewards of AI within the financial services
• Identify common themes in corporate failure, and measure the effectiveness of your governance.

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