Beyond Listed Company Governance (webinar)

In Hong Kong, the governance professionals may well be focused upon listed company governance - not knowing that in the rest of the world - the listed company is in decline as a source for capital raising. Accordingly, governance is a much wider topic which goes beyond the listed company - and the scope and standards of corporate governance must constantly be evaluated to best suit the needs of society. In governance, ‘more is not better’ – ‘better is better’.

Following publication of The Chartered Governance Institute’s paper on the decline of the listed company, (learn more), this webinar will consider the longstanding focus on the governance of listed companies and discuss the implications of:

  • The relative decline of the number of listed companies;
  • The rise of other structures connecting investors’ capital with business needs; and
  • The growing importance, not only of shareholders, but of stakeholders as a whole, to effective governance regimes.

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