Register now to enjoy the Early Bird Offer! The 21st Annual Corporate and Regulatory Update (ACRU 2020) organised by the Institute once again brings you a full programme of talks by top-notch speakers from the regulatory bodies in Hong Kong: the Companies Registry; Hong Kong Business Ethics Development Centre, ICAC; Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and the Securities and Futures Commission. This year’s ACRU will include a myriad of governance related topics from ESG to disclosures and enforcement issues over listed issuers, along with company centric regulatory and anti-money laundering developments, as well as business ethics. Additionally, as a recent innovation, in order to share best practices, there will also be two Practitioners Sharing Sessions with seasoned governance experts.

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Public Sector Governance Forum

25 June 2020


Public Sector Governance Forum explores the most current, relevant and sometimes controversial issues in governance and risk management facing individuals and public sector entities. It is held in selected cities and programs are tailored specifically to address relevant state, federal and local government topics. Attendees at the forum will gain practical knowledge that can be applied in the workplace as well as an overview of the major concerns and key focus areas for the public sector via the presentations from experts. Run from June through to October in several states, the forum is essential professional development for anyone involved in governance in the public sector.

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Governance Guernsey Conference

21 October 2020

Guernsey, United Kingdom

For organisations in Guernsey, governance is not a static thing. It continues to evolve and throw up new challenges – whether they be in compliance and regulation, in the deployment of new technologies, in crisis management, or in demonstrating greater transparency around social and environmental impact. For stakeholders, good governance is an essential part of business success and debates continue to rage as to how organisations can build effective, high-performing boards that can deal with these and other issues. In this year’s conference, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss and explore the ins and outs of this new governance landscape. We look at whether organisations have underestimated the challenges ahead, and reflect upon how they can improve what they do in response to this constantly changing world.

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Governance North Conference

10 November 2020

Leeds, United Kingdom

More than ever before, the work of governance professionals is taking place against a backdrop of fast change, innovation and insecurity. Not only do they have to deal with the challenges and tensions that come from operating in the boardroom, they also increasingly face some very significant, and often unexpected challenges. Increasingly, boards are having to get to grips with issues that lie beyond traditional regulation and compliance – issues such as cyber security and data breach, modern slavery and supply chains, environmental and social governance, and the changing demands and expectations of customers and employees alike. These are very high-profile, complex issues and addressing them requires some cutting-edge thinking – boards cannot simply ignore them. Join us at Governance North, a one-day conference in Leeds to discuss how organisations can create a sustainable future and ensure that their governance is fit for the 21st century.

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Integrated Reporting Awards

11 November 2020

South Africa

Leading awards event co-hosted by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Integrated Reporting encourages solid financial and non-financial reporting and full disclosure to all stakeholders. Through valuable feedback from judges comparisons between peers can be measured.

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Governance Institute National Conference 2020

07 December 2020

Melbourne, Australia

This flagship event looks at the big picture and provides a platform for national and global thought leaders and experts to share the latest insights on the future of governance and risk management. We have built the National Conference 2020 around the keywords Relevance, Resonance and Foresight. We explore the idea that boards and management must strike a delicate balance between short and long term, risk and innovation, stability and agility, known and unknown, internal and external environments.

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