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13 September 2018

KPMG/CLP/HKICS ESG Reporting Survey

On 13 September 2018, The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS)/ICSA China/Hong Kong Division released a joint report on environmental, social and governance (ESG) with HKICS China and CLP Holdings Limited. The report, titled ‘ESG: A view from the top’, features a survey that was conducted from February to April 2018. The survey had a total of 212 respondents, comprising either C-suite or senior management of listed companies in Hong Kong. The report finds a majority of surveyed business executives of Hong Kong listed companies have yet to integrate ESG as part of their core business strategy, while most indicate they see value in it. The survey then provides practical and high level suggestions for management buy-in.

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06 July 2017

KPMG/HKICS Risk Management Survey Report

On 6 July 2017, HKICS and KPMG China launched a survey report, titled ‘Risk Management: navigating change in Hong Kong'. This is the second report on the topic of risk management jointly published with KPMG China since 2015.  Company secretaries, many of whom are ICSA and HKICS members, have a governance role and serve as gate-keeper as well as trusted advisers to the board and management of companies, and in particular, listed issuers.  The purpose of this Report is intended to consider the progress of listed companies as to the topic of risk management after a year of implementation of the Hong Kong Listing Rules in 2016.  The report is based on the findings from a survey of 197 Hong Kong-based senior management respondents from a cross range of industries, including financial services, industrial & manufacturing, and real estate & infrastructure, which makes it representative.

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01 July 2017

The Company Secretary, Regulation and Governance Roles – A Comparative Analysis in Selected Asian Jurisdictions

In collaboration with the ASEAN Corporate Secretaries Network (ACSN) of which HKICS is an Associate member, ‘The Company Secretary, Regulation and Governance Roles – A Comparative Analysis in Selected Asian Jurisdictions’ was published in July 2017. The report covers information relating to ACSN members, comprising Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Mainland China. From the report, there are substantial similarities in terms of the general background, qualifications and recognitions, appointments and removal of the company secretary under the covered jurisdictions. The report illustrates the wider opportunities for collaboration in these areas, other OBOR economies and beyond on delivering on good governance which has increasing business and societal relevance.

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